Tiny Homes for Bees- Triple Apartments


Tiny bee apartments for solitary bees!

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Create space and habitat to encourage native bees in your backyard! Most native bees are solitary- meaning they don’t live in a hive or colony. They rely on little holes, like the holes in our tiny homes, to lay their eggs in and rear the next generation of native bees. Did you know that mason bees and leaf-cutter bees (two common solitary bees in our area) are fantastic pollinators and will do wonders for your garden? Hang your bee home in a South-facing location and protect the wood from the elements using Honey Nutbrown’s Cutting Board Conditioner. Then sit back and watch the bees discover their new nesting site! You’ll know it is being used when you see the entrance plugged by mud or leaf bits. Leave your occupied nest outside or in a cold shed for the winter, and watch in the spring as new bees emerge! Most native bees don’t sting and are extremely docile. Instructional booklet included. Each home is unique, and there will be variations. If you have colour preferences, please specify in a note to the seller.

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Dimensions 22 × 16 × 12 cm