Spruce Pitch Salve


Pamper your skin with the most nourishing salve made from spruce pitch and beeswax.

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Take care of your skin with nourishing spruce pitch salve, made to rescue your skin from the driest and roughest conditions. Made from local and ethically harvested spruce pitch and beeswax. Treat your skin!

Spruce Pitch Salve comes in 28g tin sizes.

Ingredients: Spruce pitch, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, beeswax

For your safety:
Many of my products contain some common allergens such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and eucalyptus oil. In addition, the products are made in a facility where tree nuts and peanuts are used. Every effort is made to avoid any cross-contamination, but caution is the safest course. If you have any allergies, consider this information before you purchase. Also, be sure to test any new product on a small area first. If any reactions occur, discontinue use.

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