Hand-Dipped Candle Making Kit


A kit to make your own, 100% pure beeswax candles at home. Please read the full description before purchasing.

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Hand-dipped beeswax candles are beautiful, rustic and making them is all the fun. This kit will enable you to make 4 or more sets of hand-dipped candles, and three beeswax jar candles. Most of the items needed to make the candles are included in this kit, but you will need to provide a can to melt and dip the wax in (a 710ml extra large soda can is recommended), a pot for boilings water, a canning jar ring for making a double boiler, and a pitcher of cold water for cooling the candles in. This kit includes instructions with illustrations to walk you through the process, and covers important safety tips when working with beeswax and candles.

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