Beginner Beekeeping Course


Learn the basics of beekeeping- how hives function, bee behaviour, and beekeeping tasks around the calendar in Fort St James!

Proof of vaccination required to attend in person.

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Beekeeping is best approached with knowledge- and this course is the first step to getting there!

Bees are a complex super-organism, and understanding how they work and how the hive functions will make your job as a beekeeper infinitely easier. The first part of the course will focus on the bees in the hive, their roles, and how they function together as a whole. We will also be looking at the parts that make up a hive and equipment you will need. We will be looking mainly at standard Langstroth style of beekeeping.

The second part of the course will focus on how to keep bees in our Northern climate. We will be going over the tasks that a beekeeper performs each month of the year, from starting off with a new colony of bees, to managing them in subsequent years. There will be a handout provided along with suggestions for future reading and links to resources.

I, Kris Cooper, your instructor, have been keeping bees for the last four years and have been learning about bees for ten years previous to that. I’ve grown my apiary from 2 to 10 hives and sell my honey and other hive products at the local farmers market. There is a saying: “Ask ten beekeepers, get 20 different answers.” There are many ways and methods to keep bees and I will be sharing my perspectives and what has worked best for me in this climate.

The course is spread over two nights- Monday, Nov, 1 and Monday, Nov. 8 from 7-9pm at the Pope Mountain Arts building (675 Birch st) in Fort St James. Proof of vaccination is now required due to new restrictions in the North. Masks are mandatory and people will be spaced out for safety. Refunds are available if Covid regulations change or if you are sick and unable to attend.